My vision is to accompany and support FIFA players from all over the world to reach their FUT Dream-Team.

Since 2014 I provide FIFA players with daily trading tips. My easy-to-follow tips allow them to earn on average 2,290,000 coins every single month.

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As a member, you get new trading tips every day. I will tell you exactly in which card you should invest your coins and also when to sell the investments. It's that easy!


Your 3 steps to success:


1. Receive Tip

You can receive my daily trading tips via Instagram, Telegram and E-Mail.


2. Copy Trade

You simply buy the recommended cards (no sniping or bidding needed).


3. Collect Profit

I tell you as soon as the cards rose in value - then you can sell with profit.

You can either spend hundreds of your hard-earned money on FIFA Points, only to get terrible packs or you join my trading group where I help people like you to earn millions of coins by simply copying me (a top 100 trader).

You will then finally have enough coins to build your dream team and still have coins left which you can gift to friends or even sell for real money!

While a single 100k pack will set you back €20, our service will allow you to make an average of 2,290,000 coins every single month buy paying - not monthly €27, but only one single time.

After paying €27 once you will get daily trading tips (via Instagram, Telegram & E-Mail) not only for FUT 23, but also for future FIFA parts, without having to pay again!

Stop wasting your money. Make the right choice.


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Daily Trading Tips

I share new trading tips every single day - that's guaranteed and I've been keeping it that way for over 8 years.


I will advise you when to buy and when to sell the investments. You only have to follow my instructions.

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High Profits

The easy-to-follow tips allow you to earn on average 2,290,000 coins every single month. I share trading tips for all budgets.

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Best-Priced Service

My service is very affordable. I do not sell any subscriptions and I don't bother you with any upsells. You pay one-time and get full access.

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Multiple Platforms

You can receive my daily trading tips through multiple platforms (Instagram, Telegram and E-mail).

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24/7 Support

If you have any questions, you can always contact me. My support is happy to help you - 365 days a year! As a member you will have direct contact to me as well.


  • Unlike other traders, we offer a very affordable membership.
    We do not require monthly payments. You only have to pay once.
    Once you have ordered you will get instant and lifetime access to our trading tips! So even for FIFA 24... you don't have to pay again for our service:
    Once the membership is bought, you remain member forever!
    We offer the following secure payment options:
    - PayPal
    - Credit Card (VISA, Master Card & American Express...)
    - GiroPay & Klarna (Instant bank transfer)
    - PaySafeCard (in exceptional cases - email us at support@fifatradingcom)
  • Directly after your order/payment you will be automatically redirected to the order confirmation page.
    On that page you will find the buttons to choose where you wand to receive the tips. You simply have to click the Instagram, Telegram or E-Mail button to contact your trader.
    He will than give you a quick introduction how you will receive your tips and what you should pay attention to.
    If you got questions, you can contact your trader at any time.
    If you got questions before ordering, simply contact us via E-Mail or Instagram.
    The order confirmation will be sent via E-Mail - you will not receive any letter mail from us.
  • If you have purchased our trading service, you can choose whether you want to receive the daily tips via Instagram, Telegram or via E-Mail.
    Unlike other services, we also don't only send the tips, we are also happy to advise you whether it makes sense to sell your team now before the upcoming market crash and answer all your upcoming questions regarding the transfer market, SBCs...
  • You don't need to have any trading knowledge and you don't need to deal with the transfer market yourself, we will fully consult you.
    As a member you get everything delivered from us. The tips will look like this: "Buy the gold-card of Muller, he is currently worth 19k. Buy him for a third of your budget. He will rise, because ... and ... some days later we write e.g: "Hey, Muller's value has increased by 13k per card since we purchased him at around 19k! We think now is a good time to sell him for 32k!
    So you get everything delivered and only have to copy it. For you it only takes about 10 minutes per day. You can implement the tips easily in the companion app or directly on your console/platform. Of course, we do not need access to your account and will not ask you for it at any time.
  • Is this service compatible with EASports' TOS?
    Yes, we only work with Investments, not with sniping and not with overpriced selling, autobuyers... We will only send you our investments, which you can simply copy. We don't need access to your account and as long as you don't sell the earned coins, there is no risk of being banned.
    Is our service legit? How can you be sure?
    Since we also know that there are unfortunately a lot of unreliable trading services out there, here are some points that make us stand out:

    - We offer secure payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, SEPA, SOFORT...
    - We already helped thousands of FIFA-players to trade successfully in FUT since 2017
    - We work with well-known partners/influencers and agencies
    - For more feedback just take a look at our website or our Instagram page where we have over 20.000 followers
    Still got questions? Don't hesitate to contact us by...

    ...writing us on Instagram or Facebook
    ...sending us a message via e-mail (support@fifatrading.com)
  • You can reach our support team at any time via email (support@fifatrading.com) or Instagram.
    If you are already a member, just contact the trader who sends you your daily tips.


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